Cocktail dress

This group includes dresses of different styles (including a small black dress), and are suitable in almost all occasions. They are mostly up to a knee or up to half of the leaves. They can be sleeved or bretel, and can have short or long sleeves. Whether you look special or usually depends on the details you choose.


Maxi dresses are long to the ground and correspond to women who want to mask the lower body. They stand well for high and low women. If you choose a model in one color, the figure will visually look more. Cover your hands with short sleeves, and slender girls can wear models with breeches.


Dresses A-cuts have a defined waist, and wider than waist down. This style fits everyone and acts very feminine, so it’s a favorite among the ladies. If you are pear-shaped or you want to hide your hips and thighs, you will not make a mistake with this model. Choose the depth of décolleté by age. Nothing is better than a dress that fits perfectly – either for work or for evening out.

Dress to change

She is dressed around the body and closes from the front. Such dresses are still in 1970. They are classical and fit with all types of body because they emphasize neckline and the folding line extends. You can also tighten it, so it will perfectly fit you because it will not be too narrow or too wide.

Baby doll

Short and fluffy, with a tall waist, baby-dols dresses may look as if they are not scared. Although the cutout is usually round and the décolleté is not deep, it looks attractive. The line of the waist is high, so the dress faded splendidly over the middle part of the body and covered it nicely, especially the stomach. If you have lush breasts, avoid baby-dol dresses as they emphasize the upper part of the body. This style is best suited to tall and thin women, and at the same time rejuvenates it.