Real fashion boom with this feminine model, it was clear when 25,000 light-weight gowns spilled in just a week! The dress on the fold, which, like old-fashioned “slipper”, wrapped around the body and tied up with the tape, in the meantime got its cult status and it did not even get out of fashion … Interestingly, this simple creation has not only affected the fashion industry but also life the women they carried. In her, the imagination of the opposite sex was felt and felt powerful. It was a good move to get rid of the dress and slip … But, until they decided otherwise, they looked elegant and handsome.

Tight dress

A tight dress is completely attached to the body to expose you to the curves, and since it is not styled, it extends you and makes it thinner. They can be different lengths, so choose from the opportunity and whether you want to highlight your legs. Most often there are no sleeves. If you do not like to show your hands, a tight dress is not for you.


Strapless, uncluttered dresses are great for women who do not want to wear something attached, yet they want to look attractive and elegant. As they are not cut into the waist, flat dresses also give an elongated, elegant line of the upper body and perfectly fit all the women, regardless of body material.

Evening dress

These are dresses for ceremonial and formal occasions, and most of them are long to the ground. They are not made for a certain type of body, so that every woman can find the evening dress that suits her – just have to adhere to the rules of bodybuilding. They can be very simple, but also decorated with lace or beads.


Any dress that ends up five or more inches above the knee can pass like a mini, and the cut varies from narrow to flat. This is a good model for women with an apple-shaped body, as they have thin legs. Regardless of the body structure, if you have nice legs, do not hesitate to show them.