Although dress is a garment that can be worn literally throughout the year, and for which we always rely on it because it is the imperative of femininity, the summer months are still a period when it is in its zenith of popularity. Dresses made of impregnated materials, striking colors, monochromatic or colorful, short, midi, long, on slipper, streaks or some other pattern – we are sure you already have your summer collection ready. But, in order for this season to be really trendy, one model must also be found in your wardrobe. It’s a bit retro, but it’s also chic at the same time.

We know you can not wait to find out more about the most popular model of dress this summer and how you can combine everything. So keep reading!

If you are thinking that dress is to change the fashion passé, we must tell you that you are cheating. This trend has experienced its resurrection, and many have already declared it a model of dress that will surely be in focus this summer.

All of this sounds very interesting to us, and we especially look forward to the fact that dresses are always practical – comfortable and at the same time elegant, ideal for both day and evening occasions.

Of course, we can expect that this year we will see them in the exhibitions of our favorite brands, and everywhere around us on the street. And to further inspire you to take this dress model in the right way, as the queen of the city style.

Since in the first place is always comfort, then in that context, we first mention the dress for the changeover. It can be ideal for your casual fashion style, and you can combine it with your favorite model of the sidecar.

We like this scene very much! Especially if you combine classic white sneakers with some of the popular patterns, such as striped and floral from the upper photo. In everyday life, dressed like this, you can walk, coffee, lunch, but also to practice. smiley

And now we are presenting you two types of dresses that you need to pay attention in particular – a dress in the style of “home-made dress”, which can literally look like you dressed for red carpet, and especially attractive dress-kimono.

In the first case, for you, we chose an interesting combination of a long dress that was paired with boots – all over the chic, and in the second somewhat more classical look – a kimono dress under the knees and a black sandal as a combination that can go in both the day and the evening variant, but and as part of a business fashion style.

Flower dresses that look like gowns are another option when these popular models are in question.

Such a dress in combination with elegant shoes and adequate jewelry, e.g. It can be your choice to go to the wedding. Or you can wear it in a completely different way – in combination with jeans, blouses and t-shirts, which in this case make a difference.

And for the end is our favorite! A long dress on a ramp that was paired with red boots and a red blazer is a combination we instantly fell in love with. It does not seem to be a convenient choice for daylight summers, but for those cooler summer evenings it can be a hit. And another example that boots can fly and fly – this time with a flying red dress.