Finally! There was a way to get rid of the pile of dressing styles on us and with that we intend to wear only those simple, simple pieces: T-shirt and dress in one? O yes!
Is this one of the best fashion creations in the casual world? We think it is. T-shirt is so simple and so easy to fit.

You can handle it with sturdy and Texan jacket, a backpack on your back. In a somewhat more elegant version with ballets, claw purse and jacket instead of jacket and, after all, for a drink after work, with tights and an interesting long necklace and bracelets. The choice is yours, but the fact is that this is a piece that is great for styling and you do not have to think much about, because it is basically casual and that’s its point. If you ask us: The ideal part of spring dressing!


Dress is something that every woman must have in her closet. If you do not have enough of them, knock at the nearest store a few. In the next attachment, you can find out more about the appearance of the dress and the distribution of the dress.Dress is a garment, usually worn by women and girls. Dress length varies depending on fashion and occasions. It can be long to the floor or short above the knee. The appearance of the dress has changed over the course of history. There are many different shapes of dresses.


Cocktail dress

This group includes dresses of different styles (including a small black dress), and are suitable in almost all occasions. They are mostly up to a knee or up to half of the leaves. They can be sleeved or bretel, and can have short or long sleeves. Whether you look special or usually depends on the details you choose.


Maxi dresses are long to the ground and correspond to women who want to mask the lower body. They stand well for high and low women. If you choose a model in one color, the figure will visually look more. Cover your hands with short sleeves, and slender girls can wear models with breeches.


Dresses A-cuts have a defined waist, and wider than waist down. This style fits everyone and acts very feminine, so it’s a favorite among the ladies. If you are pear-shaped or you want to hide your hips and thighs, you will not make a mistake with this model. Choose the depth of décolleté by age. Nothing is better than a dress that fits perfectly – either for work or for evening out.


Real fashion boom with this feminine model, it was clear when 25,000 light-weight gowns spilled in just a week! The dress on the fold, which, like old-fashioned “slipper”, wrapped around the body and tied up with the tape, in the meantime got its cult status and it did not even get out of fashion … Interestingly, this simple creation has not only affected the fashion industry but also life the women they carried. In her, the imagination of the opposite sex was felt and felt powerful. It was a good move to get rid of the dress and slip … But, until they decided otherwise, they looked elegant and handsome.

Tight dress

A tight dress is completely attached to the body to expose you to the curves, and since it is not styled, it extends you and makes it thinner. They can be different lengths, so choose from the opportunity and whether you want to highlight your legs. Most often there are no sleeves. If you do not like to show your hands, a tight dress is not for you.